Caroline and I have both been on Etsy a long time.  We know the ins and outs and we know what will get shops noticed.  It’s not hard to stand out on Etsy when you put in the work, do your research and educate yourself on all things Etsy, but if you don’t have that kind of time here are 7 ways you can improve your Etsy shop right now!

  1. Fill it up – Etsy is constantly spending their money on making improvements.  They want you to take advantage of their new features, they want you to use them.  You can improve your shop tremendously by completing your about page, using Etsy’s simplified policies, and by filling out all of the FAQ slots that Etsy gives you.  Etsy was very forward about the fact that they gave a little boost to the shops who switched over to their simplified policies a couple years ago and to those who have completely filled in their about pages.
  2. Have Great Pics – This is so very important!  Your titles and tags will get you to rank higher in search, but to stay there, your photos need to be so good that customers can’t help but click on them!  When customers are clicking and favoriting your items your sales and therefore your search rank will improve.  
  3. Engage on Social Media – Get your listings in front of customers as much as possible. Getting people to view your shop and, more importantly, favorite and purchase your items will greatly increase your sales and your exposure on Etsy. Etsy LOVES activity! Right now, I use Instagram and Pinterest with great success.  Another fabulous way to promote yourself is through YouTube. Set up a channel and do some how-to videos or answer frequently asked questions. You can’t lose – it’s free.
  4. Collaborate and Educate – Meet other Etsy shops online, participate in local craft/art/wedding shows, join an Etsy team, take a class, find Facebook Groups, partner with bloggers, and simply give back to others. Offer advice, assistance, or engage through favoriting other shops, liking and commenting on other people’s pictures on Instagram. Always remember that no matter how new you think you are, there is always someone who is just starting out and knows less than you & may need your help. Share your knowledge – trust me, it goes a long way!
  5. Coupon Codes – People love coupons! I do not use coupons often because if you discount too much your customers will always be looking for a bargain. However, used sparingly, they can be really beneficial and setting up a coupon code is so easy! To take advantage of coupon codes, you could have a grand opening or an anniversary sale and blast it out on social media. You can also do what I do and offer a coupon code to customers as a thank you. Etsy will even send it to them automatically in your thank you message. This has really built my repeat customer base. Finally, when running a coupon code, make sure that you put it in your shop announcement or on your banner.
  6.  Educate Yourself – Etsy can be overwhelming and with all the new updates that are rolling out in May of 2017 like the NEW Etsy Shop Manager it seems almost impossible to be seen.  FEAR NOT!  I can help you!  I have created a new course for Etsy Sellers called The Etsy Action Plan.  The Etsy Action Plan takes you step by step through setting up and maintaining a profitable Etsy shop.  I even take you behind the scenes of my own Etsy shop, Hello World Stamps,  to show you how to optimize your shop to get more views, more favorites, and more sales!  YOU have to put in the work, but I can show you what to work on and what not to waste your time on, so go check it out!   


Talk Soon!