My Shift into Podcast Producing

Caroline here! Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? Maybe the technical stuff just overwhelms you to your core? Kelly and I were totally that way when we started our own podcast baby. I quickly discovered how awesome and amazing the process actually is and I fell madly in love. Podcasting has changed my life. It has given me a voice, confidence and a new found skillset that gets me excited whenever I sit down to the computer. I really hope to be doing this for a long long time.

In our episode this week, Kelly and I chatted about shifts we have made and are making in our businesses. My biggest shift this year has been downsizing my shop and wholesale and adding something that truly makes me excited and want to get out of bed in the morning.

As I shift my business, I am now going to be offering podcast editing and producing services.

For me, the podcast process is so much more than simply recording and editing. I want to make sure that from start to finish, your podcast episodes look, sound and are delivered the way they should be. This is what I do with Creative Biz Rebellion and I love every second. I am super excited to begin helping others achieve their podcasting dreams.

Don’t worry, I’m not closing my shop and will continue to create designs and products featuring my hand lettering. I believe it is important that your work brings you joy and invigorates you. Hand lettering and podcasting is my jam and I can’t wait to see where this next phase of my business takes me.

You can check out more about my services on my website.

Later rebels!



Episode 35 – Theresa Delaney – Teaching What You Know

Hey Rebels!  Today we chat with Theresa Delaney.  In today’s episode we talk all about teaching what you know, and all the things involved with hosting a workshop.  Theresa is the founder of Creative Tribe, a monthly workshop series for women to gather offline, foster their creativity and build relationships. She’s a self-proclaimed creativity enthusiast and loves watching it help people make lasting connections. When Theresa’s not planning workshops, you can find her working with clients on their brand identity, watching Harry Potter or petting the dog that just walked by.   

Quote Love From Theresa Delaney:

“I myself as a creative, need the hands on learning”

“People come to learn from you & already think of you as an expert”

“All you can do is teach your best and people will love what you do”


Links from the show:

The Creative Tribe Workshop Studio.  

Where to find Theresa Delaney

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Instagram-Creative Tribe | Creative Tribe Pinterest


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7 Ways To Improve Your Etsy Shop Right Now

Caroline and I have both been on Etsy a long time.  We know the ins and outs and we know what will get shops noticed.  It’s not hard to stand out on Etsy when you put in the work, do your research and educate yourself on all things Etsy, but if you don’t have that kind of time here are 7 ways you can improve your Etsy shop right now!

  1. Fill it up – Etsy is constantly spending their money on making improvements.  They want you to take advantage of their new features, they want you to use them.  You can improve your shop tremendously by completing your about page, using Etsy’s simplified policies, and by filling out all of the FAQ slots that Etsy gives you.  Etsy was very forward about the fact that they gave a little boost to the shops who switched over to their simplified policies a couple years ago and to those who have completely filled in their about pages.
  2. Have Great Pics – This is so very important!  Your titles and tags will get you to rank higher in search, but to stay there, your photos need to be so good that customers can’t help but click on them!  When customers are clicking and favoriting your items your sales and therefore your search rank will improve.  
  3. Engage on Social Media – Get your listings in front of customers as much as possible. Getting people to view your shop and, more importantly, favorite and purchase your items will greatly increase your sales and your exposure on Etsy. Etsy LOVES activity! Right now, I use Instagram and Pinterest with great success.  Another fabulous way to promote yourself is through YouTube. Set up a channel and do some how-to videos or answer frequently asked questions. You can’t lose – it’s free.
  4. Collaborate and Educate – Meet other Etsy shops online, participate in local craft/art/wedding shows, join an Etsy team, take a class, find Facebook Groups, partner with bloggers, and simply give back to others. Offer advice, assistance, or engage through favoriting other shops, liking and commenting on other people’s pictures on Instagram. Always remember that no matter how new you think you are, there is always someone who is just starting out and knows less than you & may need your help. Share your knowledge – trust me, it goes a long way!
  5. Coupon Codes – People love coupons! I do not use coupons often because if you discount too much your customers will always be looking for a bargain. However, used sparingly, they can be really beneficial and setting up a coupon code is so easy! To take advantage of coupon codes, you could have a grand opening or an anniversary sale and blast it out on social media. You can also do what I do and offer a coupon code to customers as a thank you. Etsy will even send it to them automatically in your thank you message. This has really built my repeat customer base. Finally, when running a coupon code, make sure that you put it in your shop announcement or on your banner.
  6.  Educate Yourself – Etsy can be overwhelming and with all the new updates that are rolling out in May of 2017 like the NEW Etsy Shop Manager it seems almost impossible to be seen.  FEAR NOT!  I can help you!  I have created a new course for Etsy Sellers called The Etsy Action Plan.  The Etsy Action Plan takes you step by step through setting up and maintaining a profitable Etsy shop.  I even take you behind the scenes of my own Etsy shop, Hello World Stamps,  to show you how to optimize your shop to get more views, more favorites, and more sales!  YOU have to put in the work, but I can show you what to work on and what not to waste your time on, so go check it out!   


Talk Soon!


Quick Tips for Getting Over That Creative Block

You are looking at your release schedule and you know that you HAVE to get some designs down or new products added to your line. You have tried to sit down and think up some new amazing ideas but your brain is completely blank.

You’ve entered: THE CREATIVE BLOCK

Ugh. Let’s all take a minute to take a deep breath. It will be ok.

Creative blocks are super normal for me. I’m juggling a lot of things and a ton of ideas. Trying to come up with new products and designs can be overwhelming and pressuring. When we enter this mode of trying to launch new products, we can become our own worst enemy. Nothing is good enough and we struggle to come up with new ideas, because “hasn’t it all been done before?”

You can get out of this mode. Here are some quick tips for getting over that creative block.

– Go for a Walk or get out of the house. There is nothing better than a change of scenery for the creative. Take it up a notch and go to a museum or place of beauty that speaks to you. Can’t make it there? Look at some really inspiring pictures. For me, I like to revisit my trip to Colorado. *sigh* Something about those mountains gets the juices flowing every time. 

– Focus on what makes your brand different. I literally keep a note in my phone that describes my business in 4 words. Whenever I get stuck, I look at that and think to myself “how can I meet this right now.” It has been a total game changer and has helped my line grow in the right direction. Write down what makes your brand different and remind yourself when you get stuck.

– Do something different. Sometimes the best cure of lack of creativity or direction is a new experience. Try a new restaurant or go to a new city for a quick visit. Experiencing something new will give you something else to draw on for inspiration.

– Learn a new technique. If you are a maker, maybe it’s time to learn something new. As a designer, I am always seeking new ways to do things. Right now, I’m really focused on my hand lettering and improving that. I love trying new pens. In fact, it was a new pen that inspired several best selling designs. 

– Change your music. Do you listen to music while you work? I sure do and the number one thing I find when I’m stuck is that I need to change my music. Try it! It’s amazing. You can check out my monthly playlists here.

The important thing to know is that creative blocks are normal. The key is to not let them defeat you. Take control of them.

Another great way to tackle creative blocks is to do so with a community. Join the free Facebook Group by clicking here.

Happy Creating!

Episode 34 – Simplifying Manufacturing and Business with Emily Ley

Hey Rebels!  Today we chat with Emily Ley.  Emily Ley is Founder and Creative Director of Emily Ley Paper & Gifts. She is also the creator of the bestselling Simplified Planner – a daily agenda for what matters most – and author of “Grace, Not Perfection: Embracing Simplicity, Celebrating Joy.” Raised in Pensacola, Florida, Emily graduated from the University of West Florida with degrees in English, creative writing, and public administration. She would later become the executive director of the city ballet. From there, she worked in nonprofit management and public relations before launching her brand in 2008. Emily has been recognized with numerous awards, including Best New Product at the National Stationery Show as well as being named a Top 10 Designer to Watch in 2015 by Stationery Trends Magazine. Emily lives with her husband and three children in Tampa, Florida. For more information, please visit

Quote Love From Emily Ley:

“Eventually we got to that sweet spot”

“A sell out is not a bad thing”

“It’s crazy to see what taking a leap of faith will do”

Links from the show:

Use Code: REBEL25-FOR 25% OFF

Emily’s New Book -Open for Pre-Order: A Simplified Life

Where to find Emily Ley

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter
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