In this mini episode, Caroline and Kelly talk about their favorite social media phone apps!  If you are in need of some great apps for your biz or apps for fun, you will love these!!   Best of all the notifications for these apps do not have to be on!  You can just go in and check messages at your convenience!  What are your favorite phone apps?!

Top 10 Fav Phone Apps:

  1. VEE– This app is great for recording videos! You can get it from the starbucks app (free until mid November) or purchase in the app store!  

It rocked my world -Caroline

  1. Etsy App For Sellers -If you have an Etsy shop, this is a must!  Find out what you are missing with this app for etsy sellers, but be careful how you use the app—- remember your boundaries!
  1. Shopify App– A must have if you have a Shopify store! The updates for the app are kinda amazing!
  1. Trello App-This app is great for group boards, keeping yourself on task and chatting with your clients, especially if they are in different time zones.  Caroline and Kelly use this for their podcast!

The love affair continues – Caroline

  1. Visco– Great app for taking pictures for your biz!  This app allows you to apply filters, edit, etc…. Find out what you are missing!
  1. Colorstory– This app has some really great filters for pics and great editing tools as well.   
  1. Hootsuite-Don’t always have time to worry about posting to all your social media accounts?  This app helps you manage your postings for you!
  1. Later–  This is a great app to use for your instagram account!  Find out how it works and why it is a must have to keep your postings on schedule!

I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal -Kelly

  1.  Disney Emoji Blitz– One of Kelly’s favorite fun game apps to play!  Are you a disney lover?!  If so, this is a must!  

Everyone needs that fun feeling like your 5 app -Kelly

  1.  Starbucks app– We all know how much Carlone loves her coffee!  Find out why this app is her favorite fun app!   
  1. Adobe Draw-If you love to draw, then this is must!  

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