Do you ship internationally?  Is the price holding you back?!  In this episode Caroline and Kelly talk all about international shipping! Stop holding back, people will pay to have items they love shipped!

Tips to Get Started!

Maybe you do ship to a few countries, maybe you are looking to ship to more, or maybe you are leary about shipping to other countries!  Kelly gives so great key tips on how you can start or find ways to make this process easier for you!  

Step 1: Start Simple!

Ship to those countries where they make it easy!  Start Simple, pick countries that are quick and easy to ship to!  How many countries has Kelly shipped to?!  Check out Etsy’s cool feature to see your stats for shipping to other countries!

You’re Global Baby, you’re global -Kelly

Step 2: Get Your Pricing Right From the Beginning

Kelly Shares great advice, tools and websites to use to help you calculate the cost for shipping to other countries!  Know your ounces when shipping!!!  Kelly also shares how you can set up etsy for shipping to other countries!

USPS.com has a great international shipping calculator, easy to use, and very accurate!

Step 3: Customs and Duty Fees

Who is responsible for covering these costs?  Kelly talks about how she has this set up in her etsy shop and who should cover this cost.  Do you have this set in your policy yet??  Be sure to get this included to cover it under your policies!

You are going to win some & you are going to lose some -Kelly

Kelly’s International Shipping Policy

We are happy to ship all over the world! Please understand though if you are in another country other than the US that you may be responsible for any taxes, customs fees, or other amounts levied by your home country. Please check with your customs office/or postal service if you are concerned about possible tariffs. Hello World Paper Co. is not responsible for these fees or if your package gets held in customs because you haven’t paid your fees.

If your package is in customs and not picked up by you within a reasonable amount of time they will ship it back to us and you will not receive a refund if your item was personalized. If you would then like your package shipped back out to you, you will need to pay for shipping again.

Step 4: Research Your Product

Can your project be shipping all over the world? Some countries do not except certain products and will not clear customs!  Be sure to research your products you are selling!  Listen for the great shipping tip Kelly gives for your Etsy Shop.  If you are not sure about something….Google it!!

Etsy is great, I love doing international shipping on there -Caroline

8 ounces, 8 ounces my friends -Caroline

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