In this first episode of the new year Caroline and Kelly talk all about Goals and Resolutions for your Businesses. This is a great way to start the new year by focusing on a few goals.  Caroline and Kelly Share what their big goals and resolutions are for the year.

Kelly’s Goals/Resolutions

  1. Get involved in the local scene-shows/events to attend
  2. Launch product line with my artwork-patterns
  3. Record 60+ podcast episodes
  4. Implementing and following through with monthly topics
  5. Find new revenue streams


It’s super scary, but really exciting -Kelly

Put it in a folder, it will be there when you are ready -Kelly


Caroline’s Goals/Resolutions

  1. More automated business
  2. Personal Goal:  Write a book this year!!
  3. Make my ideas from my marketing plan happen
  4. No more being overwhelmed-Big resolution for Caroline this year
  5. Increase revenue streams
  6. Learn to paint for real!


Having a marketing plan is amazing -Caroline

It’s good to challenge yourself creatively – Caroline

Please share your goals and resolutions with us!

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