In this episode Caroline and Kelly talk all about trends of the past and present.  Should you get caught up in all the trends?  Maybe you are in with all the new trends?  If so, how do you use the trends to help with your businesses?  Trends seem to keep recycling and come back around.  

So what are trends? Trends have either been around for a long time or they are short lived and they will come back around   It is okay to use trends in your business, just make sure it goes with your style.

Caroline talks about as she first started as a designer she immediately started with the popular trends but was having a hard time loving her work.  It is important to keep your unique voice and find ways to incorporate trends into your work. Find a way to work the trend into what it is you do with your business.

Caroline and Kelly talk about how stores and websites seem to have trend forecasting for all things trendy.  Do companies look at future trends and run with it?  Maybe look at the upcoming trends and see how that can apply to a way that matches your brands.  Caroline talks about how trends have nothing to do with your sales and how buyers do like to be “different” and not always be on trend.

Finding your place in the market is just an important as being on trend -Caroline

Caroline and Kelly talk about how the ultimate goal for you should be finding your style and sticking with it.  Customers come to you for your style.  Caroline and Kelly talk about how it is important to design stuff that is true to you, so you are happy with your work and your business.   Caroline talks about how sticking to her own style has brought her lots of opportunities, so stick with your style and good things will come!

Sometimes you have to tune it all out and hunker down -Kelly

Kelly talks about creators who stick to their own style and if you see their work you know immediately who created it!

Rifle Paper Co
Jessica Swift
Band of Weirdos
Lily & Val
Emily Ley
Rachel Taylor
Joanna  Gaines
Julie Ann Art
Emily McDowell
Caroline Hull

Websites mentioned in this podcast:

WGSN website – Trend Forecasting

Go against the grain, be a rebel -Caroline

There is room for your style & your design -Kelly

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