Hey Rebels!  In this episode Caroline and Kelly continue their advice about how they rock Instagram @creativebizrebellion and why they love it.  In this episode they talk text and characters, hashtags, bios, links, automated trolls, and insta-stories to help your rock your product based business using social media.


Text and Character:

  • 2,200 limit on posts


  • limit is 30 (this is too many anyway)
  • Use spaces between your hashtags
  • What hashtags will YOUR customers be searching-Be very specific
  • Only First 3 Lines Show in Feed: Make sure they are attention grabbing.

Hashtags serve a pretty important purpose- Caroline

#Jimmy fallon Hashtag bit

Bio and Links:

Bio Photo:

  • Use headshots so buyers can see who you are, large teams can use branding, artwork, or product instead
  • Character limit is 150 characters
  • Describe your company and what you sell
  • Call to action for your customers


  • Bitly links: Link shortener (bitly.com)
  • Caroline also creates URL redirects to shorten links
  • You get one link in your Bio
  • In the comments use your bitly link and you can track how many people have clicked on the them.

Robots and Trolls:  Automatic comments in your feed

  • Short comments are fine, just make sure you are not being a robot!
  • Caroline and Kelly talk about which ones you can keep and which ones you can report and block.
  • Do not purchase services that allow you to do this.
  • Kelly talks about great ways to get followers for your instagram account

I love that I can just like photos now -Kelly

Instagram Stories:

  • Gives you a chance to share your business other than using photos
  • Great for behind the scenes
  • You can tag people in stories and they receive a direct message
  • Start searching for insta stories to get inspiration

I have a problem with video-that’s a whole nother episode -Kelly

With instagram stories, I do not have to learn snapcha -Caroline


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