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Alright Rebels, we know that Spring and Summer markets and shows are coming up fast and we want you to be ready to represent your brand in person so we asked Paige Poppe to come on the show and talk all about getting involved in your local scene!  Paige is an amazing artist from Arizona who has recognized online brand, but also has this whole local craft/art show thing down to a science!  I can not wait to hear how much you all fall in love with her!

photo is by Connor Dougherty

Here is a little more about Paige:

Paige Poppe is an Arizona native, currently living + working as a full-time artist in the Valley. Painting every day in Scottsdale, she is surrounded by the beautiful Sonoran desert. She works in watercolor + acrylic, painting the desert landscape and botanicals as her subject matter.

Paige is a graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and holds her Bachelor of Architecture degree. This has left her with a great appreciation for sketching + working in analog, but her digital skills, including proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite, allow her to work digitally, create mockups, and clearly communicate ideas with clients.

Paige is proud to connect with her local community by participating in several local art markets and including Phoenix Flea, the Tempe Arts Festival, and an art installation at Cartel Coffee. She has collaborated on exclusive designs with local apparel brand Overthrow Clothing, and shared her work at events at Madewell Fashion Square and West Elm Kierland. Her work can also be found at several retail boutiques including MADE Art in downtown Phoenix and !Viva! Paso in Paso Robles, CA.

Her painting and design work extends to her own products, wedding stationery design, branding and packaging for small businesses, design work for Phoenix Flea marketing, and large scale painting commissions for clients.

We told you she rocks!  She also mentioned some great resources on the show that we wanted to link below.

6 foot folding table*
4 foot folding table*
PayPal credit card reader – point of sale system*
Dolly/rolling hand truck for loading in display*

Display Racks

“10 Tips for Selling at Art/Craft Shows” Video by Paige Poppe

* Any link marked with an “*” is an affiliate link and Paige Poppe will receive a commission if purchased, however these are the items that she uses and recommends.

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