Being a boss and a mom can be a little crazy.  Caroline and Kelly dive into a discussion about the back to school craziness.  Caroline home schools her kids and Kelly’s sons started high school and kindergarten this year.  Between orientations, first days of school, sports practices, carpooling, worrying about what’s for dinner, and home school lessons, how does your business not take a backseat to the looney toons schedule?

Having a plan and giving yourself grace is key.  Listen in to find out how Kelly and Caroline handle on the craziness and also what they do when they have an epic mom fail.

You have to be very intentional about your time. – Caroline

You don’t have to be on 24/7 – Kelly

I’m trying to give myself more space. – Kelly

You just physically can’t do it all.  – Caroline

Sometimes you will not get everything done and your to do list is a mile long, but just give your life a little perspective and realize that the next day isn’t so far away and we promise it will all get done.  Deep breaths.

Kelly’s Monitor Notepad