Caroline and Kelly talk #allthingsblog.  Should you or should you not have a blog?  How important is blogging for your business?  Learn why Kelly is so excited to hear all about how Caroline uses blogging for her business.  Caroline talks about why she fell in love with blogging, how she uses it for her business, and how is planning on changing her blog.  Kelly talks about how she is planning to add blogging to her list of to dos!

Key Tips to Blogging

Caroline talks about how finding a balance is key.  Caroline gives great tips on how blogs can generate more traffic to your website.  With your blog you can showcase your product in many different ways and show your customers behind the scenes of how you package your product!  Your customers and fans love to see how things happen in your biz!

Have a checklist, have a schedule -Caroline

Ideas for Blogs

What five ideas does Caroline give Kelly for her product based blog? Maybe these ideas will work for your product based business or maybe they will spark some new, creative ideas for your blog!  What are some fun ideas/pictures to incorporate into your blog?

It’s all up in my head, it’s just having time to do it -Kelly

Set a Schedule

Kelly gives ideas on how to set a weekly blog schedule to keep you on task with blogging by using Trello.  Caroline talks about how you should Choose a schedule that works for you and stick to it!  Your customers will expect it and want it

People buy your product because they love you and your product -Caroline.

Fav. Product Based Business Blogs

Caroline and Kelly talk about some of their favorite blogs, why they love them,  and what their blog about. They talk about how they can learn other outlets for their blogs from some of their favorite bloggers!  Reading other blogs can be inspiring for your own blogs.  Your blog should complement your brand.

This is like a big o love fest -Caroline

Don’t be afraid of blogging, you can do it -Caroline

Blog on with your bad self -Kelly

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