Caroline and Kelly talk #allthingsholiday part 2: getting yourself ready! Yes, it is only October, but it is never to early to be prepared!  Are you ready to tackle these next crazy holiday shopping months?  No worries!  In this episode Caroline and Kelly will help you get your holiday shit together by giving you great tips for preparing your etsy shop!

Take care of your health

Caroline and Kelly give great tips and ideas for keeping yourself and your family healthy this holiday season!  You can’t run a shop during this busy time and be sick.  So How should you take care of your health?   From eating well, to keeping your same lifestyle routine, and using essential oils…..Caroline and Kelly try #allthethings to stay healthy this holiday season and so should you!

I will be immune to all the things -Caroline.

Schedule Your Holiday Calendar

Caroline and Kelly talk about why it is important to schedule your holiday!  We all know how quickly the holidays approach us, but yet we never seem to be ready!  Well it is never to early to start scheduling your holiday events with your family and get them on the calendar now!  Don’t forget your favorite holiday traditions, maybe add a few new ones and most important is don’t forget to enjoy them!  Learn about what favs Caroline and Kelly have for the holidays!

It sounds a little OCD -Caroline

Get Your Holiday Shopping Done ASAP

Caroline and Kelly give great advice and fun ways to get your holiday shopping done early! Learn about the many ways to beat the holiday crowds!  Caroline has a great master gift list she uses to make sure she gets everything she needs for her holiday.  How does Kelly get most of her shopping done all in one weekend?  Holiday shopping can be stressful, get it done early and enjoy the holidays with your family! Do you or your children create wish lists for the holiday season?  Click here to get started creating your Amazon wish list or here for the Toys R Us wish list!

Online shopping is my best friend -Kelly

Set Up A Meal Plan

Planning out your meals can really be helpful before you head to the grocery store.  Caroline and Kelly talk #allthings grocery shopping and how to make it as easy as possible!  Does your area have an online grocery delivery service?  This has become Caroline’s life saver!  Meal prepping has become very popular these days as well!  Be ready to take on the busy work week and still provide the family with a healthy tasty dinner!  How do you prepare for your meals?!

Kroger Click List
Amazon Grocery Shopping.
Walmart Grocery

It’s a good time of the year to spend more time with family and friends -Kelly

Take a weekend off

Getting away for a while can be so rejuvenating.  It may just be what you need to do before the crazy holiday shop season! Kelly and Caroline talk about what they do to unwind and get away and why it is so important for your health!  

Giving Back

This one is very important!  Why you ask?  It gives you warm and fuzzies and is a great pick me up!  Kelly and Caroline talk about how important it is to give back this holiday season! Giving back is very motivating and help get you in the holiday mood!  Giving back is such a great part of their business model.  What other important advice does Kelly give for your biz?  How is Caroline going to get her own kids involved this year? Remember how blessed and lucky you are!  

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