Taking the leap from a full-time job and turning a side hustle into a full-time gig can be scary but rewarding. Today we are talking shop with Riki Inge of Rikrack. Riki, who has a Masters Degree in Textile Design, left her job of 18 years to focus on Rikrack, where she creates beautiful embroidery kits. We chat all about her products, reaching customers and her recent transition from her job. 

About Riki:
Riki Inge is the maker of Rikrack Embroidery Kits. Rikrack kits are your next super fun embroidery project. Bright happy colorful kits come with everything you need for a relaxing embroidery experience that also creates a beautiful artwork for your home. Rikrack kits also make the perfect gift for you crafty bestie. Rikrack was created as a way to stay creative after her twins were born. 

Connect with Riki:
Website | Instagram | Etsy | Pinterest

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