We are back with Part 2 with Kiffanie Stahle. If you missed part 1, go here and listen. In Part 2, we are tackling what to do if you are copied. This is an important conversation about legalities, kindness and how to treat other artists. Be sure to connect with Kiffanie on her Facebook page for her live videos!


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About Kiffanie:

Hi! I’m Kiffanie Stahle, but you can call me Kiff.

I’m the friendly legal eagle behind the artist’s J.D.

I’m also a photographer, fellow creative business owner, and lawyer living in Oakland, California. The law fascinates me. That’s the reason I went to law school, started my own law practice, and love practicing law.

If you hand me a contract, I’ll go off in a corner, read it, and break down all the things wrong with it. In my free time, I’ll perform a Google search on different kinds of contracts to learn how other attorneys structure them and figure out what not to do. (Yep, I’m a nerd.) I also spend hours translating contracts from legalese to regular ol’ English to help my clients.

What makes me different than most lawyers, is that what started as a fun hobby has grown to define who I am and how I interact with the world. That little hobby is photography. I started taking photographs way back when shooting film was the only option. Back then I used a Brownie camera, but now I’ve graduated to a mix of film and digital cameras.

I still try to take photographs every day. But since 2011 I’ve also been helping artists and creative entrepreneurs in my law practice. Practicing law has solidified my passion for teaching the creative community about the law. And providing you resources that empower you to tackle and understand the legal aspects of your creative business.


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