Quick Tips for Getting Over That Creative Block

You are looking at your release schedule and you know that you HAVE to get some designs down or new products added to your line. You have tried to sit down and think up some new amazing ideas but your brain is completely blank.

You’ve entered: THE CREATIVE BLOCK

Ugh. Let’s all take a minute to take a deep breath. It will be ok.

Creative blocks are super normal for me. I’m juggling a lot of things and a ton of ideas. Trying to come up with new products and designs can be overwhelming and pressuring. When we enter this mode of trying to launch new products, we can become our own worst enemy. Nothing is good enough and we struggle to come up with new ideas, because “hasn’t it all been done before?”

You can get out of this mode. Here are some quick tips for getting over that creative block.

– Go for a Walk or get out of the house. There is nothing better than a change of scenery for the creative. Take it up a notch and go to a museum or place of beauty that speaks to you. Can’t make it there? Look at some really inspiring pictures. For me, I like to revisit my trip to Colorado. *sigh* Something about those mountains gets the juices flowing every time. 

– Focus on what makes your brand different. I literally keep a note in my phone that describes my business in 4 words. Whenever I get stuck, I look at that and think to myself “how can I meet this right now.” It has been a total game changer and has helped my line grow in the right direction. Write down what makes your brand different and remind yourself when you get stuck.

– Do something different. Sometimes the best cure of lack of creativity or direction is a new experience. Try a new restaurant or go to a new city for a quick visit. Experiencing something new will give you something else to draw on for inspiration.

– Learn a new technique. If you are a maker, maybe it’s time to learn something new. As a designer, I am always seeking new ways to do things. Right now, I’m really focused on my hand lettering and improving that. I love trying new pens. In fact, it was a new pen that inspired several best selling designs. 

– Change your music. Do you listen to music while you work? I sure do and the number one thing I find when I’m stuck is that I need to change my music. Try it! It’s amazing. You can check out my monthly playlists here.

The important thing to know is that creative blocks are normal. The key is to not let them defeat you. Take control of them.

Another great way to tackle creative blocks is to do so with a community. Join the free Facebook Group by clicking here.

Happy Creating!

Episode 31 – Finding Inspiration with Jessica Swift

Hey Rebels!  Today we chat with Jessica Swift, the women behind pattern camp and the reason Kelly is so obsessed with patterns.  We chat with Jessica all about inspiration..finding it, keeping it, and what to do when you don’t have any!

Jessica Swift, a full-time artist, is on a quest to inspire and teach creative people everywhere to pursue their wild + colorful dreams… and never give up. Her magically uplifting, colorful artwork is licensed widely for iPhone cases, fabric, stationery, rugs, and more. Her art and products are designed to serve as tokens of happiness — reminders that you need (and deserve) to feel GOOD in your life. Her book, The Crafter’s Guide to Patterns, was published in April 2015. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, toddler, and two cats, and you can find her colorfully creating at JessicaSwift.com and teaching at PatternCamp.com.

What to do when stuck:

– Start making something, anything to get your mind into creation mode
-Just start doodling
-Look at old drawings/work/website
-Put on some good music
-Do something else that is not related to what you need to do

Quote Love From Jessica Swift

Morning is my time for inspiration.
The creative Muse comes and visits us when we least expect it.
You have to cause inspiration to want to come to you.

Pattern Camp, Jessica’s weekend class for creatives who want to make seamless digital patterns is coming this April!!  Go to Pattern Camp to find out more!

Jessica’s new membership site for creatives is now open! Campfire is a private membership community for creative souls. It’s for anyone who wants to take their pattern and/or art-making skills to the next level, get inspired, have real, honest conversations + get real answers to questions, and who want to connect with like-minded creative people from around the world and be part of a supportive and encouraging group of fellow creatives.Go to the Campfire/Pattern Camp website and click on the fire to learn more and join us!  

Links from the show:

Blog-Go Fug Yourself
Big Magic By Elizabeth Gilbert
The Candle Creative

Where to find Jessica:

Website | Etsy Shop | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Courses | Pattern Camp

You can see all of Jessica’s Daily Animal Project in Instagram using the hashtag:  #DailyAnimalArt


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