In this episode Kelly and Caroline talk about shipping shit for your biz!!! When shipping your products it takes time. Caroline and Kelly talk all about how to figure it out effectively! From finding the right processes to the right materials,  so that it does not cost you time and money in the long run.  Find out what helped streamline Kelly’s process for shipping and the tool she lives by for printing shipping labels!

Sometimes my brain needs a break -Kelly

The Beginning

When first starting out, it can be really freaking scary to try and figure out all your shipping costs and materials you are going to need and how much each item weighs.  Caroline and Kelly talk about how important it is to get your shipping shit down to a well oiled machine! They give great tips on how to start from the very first product you package.  From purchasing a usps scale (highly recommend)  to using spreadsheets, Caroline and Kelly give you all the beginning ins and outs for shipping your shit!!  Be sure you have your shipping policies listed on your shop website as well!


The worst feeling in the world is realizing you did not charge enough for shipping. -Caroline

Be sure you have clear shipping policies and stick to them -Caroline

Shipping Options

Caroline and Kelly give great tips on how you can use different shipping options for shipping shit!  Don’t get stressed and over worked, charge for rush shipping if someone needs something really quick! Kelly and Caroline talk about the different shipping options they offer and how to incorporate RUSH orders in their process of shipping.  You don’t have to offer all of these, figure out what you are capable of doing and what you want to offer your customers.


Caroline and Kelly talk #allthethings they use for shipping all their shit! From finding out where to order your packaging from to finding the right sizes and shapes for your product, Caroline and Kelly talk about how they figure out what products fit with what to minimize your inventory.  They talk about their fav shipping material company-Uline and they great things that ULine offers its customers!   Find out how Caroline and Kelly build their packaging material into their biz! Don’t use your profit to pay for your materials, find what works best for your biz!  What incentive can you use for your shop?!  Flash Sale.


Shipping Tools

Caroline and Kelly talk #allthingsshippingtools to keep your shipping running smoothly!  From getting the right scale to measure your packages, to purchasing labels, and finding a local shipping store or getting a PO Box for your biz, Caroline and Kelly break down how important it is to use these shipping tools.

Find a happy medium for your shipping  -Kelly

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