In this episode, we chat with our dear friend Kristin Wilson of Society for Creative Founders. Kristin is helping us talk about how to plan a product launch. We talk about determining who you are launching to and how to look at your calendar when you start planning. Be sure to listen in next week for part 2!

About Kristin

Hi! I’m Kristin Wilson, the owner of the Society for Creative Founders.  I began with a career in education, starting a wedding business on the side in 2010.  A month after my daughter was born in 2012, I took my business full-time so that I could be at home raising her while building a business I absolutely loved.

However, while I loved what I was doing, it was lonely. Going from being surrounded by people to suddenly being all by yourself was hard, and it was frustrating trying to learn through a lot of googling as I learned to learn the things I knew I needed to, in order to grow my business well.  One evening, when one of those fateful Google searches landed me upon the Society for Creative Founders website (which at the time was known as Stationery Academy), I knew that this was different.

Everything changed for me when I took the leap and first walked into the Conference in 2015.  I found myself surrounded by like-minded creatives who were all encouraging, inspiring, and most of all, a community of women where I felt like I was home. Since attending the Conference, the majority of my custom wedding stationery business which I still run separately from SCF has been molded by what is taught and what I have learned through the Society for Creative Founders, and I fully believe that what we teach here can help you wherever you are in your journey.

Connect with Kristin
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