Hey Rebels!  So today is our first interview episode and we are so excited!  We will be having interviews every once in a while to chat with other business owners who can help you on your journey.  We hope you get tips, tricks, insights, and above all the inspiration you need to keep rocking your product based biz!  Now to introduce our first guest EVER – Tisa Wills from the Onyx Feather!  

Hold onto your seats Rebels because you are going to love this!

Hi, I’m Tisa the owner and designer behind The Onyx Feather. I have been designing jewelry for the last 16 years. What started out as a personal collection of jewelry designed to suit my desires and the need to be just “a little” different from everyone else quickly became something different. As a designer my designs have evolved into a more personal statement style. I have found many people love this about my designs. They have shared with me “I feel a connection with the pieces I have gotten from The Onyx Feather.”

My designs are inspired by circumstance, sorrow, joy, and most nights by moonlight. My designs lean towards the earthy side of style. I use leather and many types of natural gemstones and I love mixing metals and shapes to add an edginess to my design. In my designs I blend gemstones with different healing properties together for optimal empowerment.

I’m a huge fan of neutrals, I feel they calm the soul and enhance the beauty of the wearer. I believe accessories are meant to compliment the person not overshadow them. My mission is to empower and encourage others to live life to its fullest potential.

When I’m not holed up in my studio you’ll find me chugging coffee and reading. I also love to the tip of my toes going junking with my daughter. Our favorite spot to go junking is downtown KC, where there are blocks of old building full of all kinds of goodness.

If you can’t find me in the studio, chugging coffee, or junking with my favorite person then it means I’m traveling. I love learning the culture of new places and taking photos of beautiful doors, buildings and nature. I’ve been known to chase down a Peacock to get a closer shot.

Things I love …..other than the above mentioned…is to laugh, dance, and see other people shine.

Thanks Tisa!  You are totally rocking it and we are loving it!  Thank you so much for being on the show!

Some of our favorite quotes from Tisa:

“I like to be in style, but I like to be in my style.”

“Just do something, get started, tweak it as you go.”

“Be proud and treat it like a business.”

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