Hey Rebels!  In this episode Caroline and Kelly talk all about Calling in Sick.  

As a business owner, the hardest thing in the world is to take a sick day.  When you work alone at home, there is that internal pressure to work and get shit done.  Caroline and Kelly talk how they struggled at first and never would give themselves time off when they were sick.  We are allowed to take time off, isn’t this why we wanted to work for ourselves?  In this episode, Kelly shares her story of how she struggles with Crohn’s Disease on a daily basis and why its is important to take a day to rest and get well so you feel better and are more productive with your work.

Kelly was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2006.   Kelly was very sick and in and out of the hospital for 2 years.  She was very weak and a single mom at the time so she had to find something that would make her feel better. Kelly went to several doctors and kept getting more opinions because she did not want to give up until she found out what was going on.  She finally found one she was happy with and in 2008 she started IV meds for her disease.  Do this day she is still on them.  Kelly takes what she calls “liquid gold” every 6 weeks which takes 4 hours at the hospital and is administered through an IV.  Crohn’s Disease can cause many different symptoms in each individual case. Kelly struggles with joint pain everyday, must watch stress levels and stay away from certain foods that cause flare ups with the disease. Working from home has really helped her with her symptoms and feeling better.  She is know able to focus more on her health and is able to take the time to rest when her body tells her so!  

“When days get hard and I feel bad it is nice to have the chance to just rest and call it a day” -Kelly.

Kelly’s Tips for handling sick days:

  • Have a built in turnaround time for your business
  • Set up an autoresponder for email
  • Communicate with your customers and be honest, they will understand.
  • Take a day to rest and get well so you feel better faster and be more productive with your work. 

If you don’t feel good, you are no good to anybody -Kelly

As a business owner the hardest thing in the world is to take a sick day -Caroline

It is really about giving yourself grace -Caroline

Everyone and everything will survive for 24hrs -Kelly

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