Hey Rebels! Today’s Shop Talk is a special one! We have Shunta Grant from Because of Zoe and we talk all about how she started and grew her bow business from Instagram to a website and thriving Facebook community. We also chat about how she is embracing her maternity leave and what kind of legacy you want to leave as a business owner and parent. We connected so much with Shunta and her story and we know you will too!

About Shunta:

Shunta Grant is the creator of Because of Zoe Designs, host of the Business, Life & Joy podcast, and business educator specializing in teaching women how to get on the other side of busy. Shunta teaches how to focus on less to accomplish more and how to take your grand ideas and break them down into quarterly, monthly and weekly goals through her Spring Forward workshop and signature training program, Peace, Pace, Progress. Having left the practice of law for full-time entrepreneurship, Shunta is an ardent advocate for enterprising women who want to take control of their lives by turning their talents and abilities into satisfying and profitable businesses. When Shunta isn’t helping women become joyfully productive, she can be found reading a good book, taking a class at the gym or walking the aisles of Target and TJ Maxx with her daughter, Zoe. If you want to build a business and life on the other side of busy, join Shunta at shuntagrant.com to get the party started!

Connect with Shunta:

Website | Instagram | Podcast | Peace, Pace, Progress


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