It’s a throwback episode! In this episode Caroline and Kelly talk all about how they rock instagram and why they love it. They talk about the different accounts they have and how they use the different accounts they have.  Follow Kelly to see her 100 days of pattern challenge on Instagram .

Managing Instagram for Your Business

  1. Researching and Planning Your Content:  Kelly talks all about how having a plan makes your posting to instagram is so much less stressful!  How do Caroline and Kelly plan for their CBR post on instagram? This planning method will make your instagram more exciting!  This method will help you also plan your photo session as well!  Caroline and Kelly keeps this plan in their Trello Board too!    Go brainstorm and get started on your Instagram posting plan!  Kelly talks about what great research tools will help you understand when to post on Instagram.  Caroline talks about her favorite tools she uses to help her determine when she needs to make a post.

Squarelovin-Free account for optimal posting times.

Iconasquare- Not free software

  1. Photos; Taking Good Pictures: Caroline and Kelly talk about how they set up their photos and the apps they use to edit their photos. You do not need to have fancy camera to get great photos.  Caroline and Kelly give great tips on how they use their phones for taking photos and making them look professional.  Kelly and Caroline talk about how it’s important to find the best time of day to take photos and what backdrops and props they use for their photos.  Keep your photos looking like a collection!  While out shopping keep your eyes open for props that go with your branding!



  1. Schedule Your Post: Kelly and Caroline talk about how important it is to schedule your post to make it less stressful.  How often should you post?  If you schedule your post, you will post more often and get more engagement.  Caroline and Kelly use the Later App to help make their post easier but they still engage with their audience about their post which is very important.  What kind of comments bother Kelly and Caroline on Instagram?!

Later app

  1. Hashtags: Research the ones you want to use by looking at competitions and people you admire.  Compile a list of them and store then in your phone in your settings-Kelly walks you through the steps for using text replacement for your hashtags.   This will save you tons of time when posting!
  1. Rules For Re-Posting: Caroline and Kelly talk about their views and rules on reposting.  Share photos of stuff that your audience will love.  Make sure you are giving credit to the photos you are sharing, credit needs to be given where credit is due!  Reposting can be very helpful on days when you are stuck and you do not know what to post!

Repost App

  1. Engaging With Your Audience:  Caroline and Kelly talk about how you should engage with your audience and comment back to them.  They talk about how time consuming it can be to reply back to your audience.  You cannot respond to EVERYTHING, but try to find time and reply to them.  When you start engaging with your audience make sure you have a plan in place.  Engaging with your audience can lead to other opportunities!

Episode 18: We are like podcast adults -Kelly

Don’t be afraid to delete photos -Kelly

If you are not scheduling your post, instagram becomes a second job -Caroline

Instagram is a really great tool for your business -Caroline

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