I’ve Made Mistakes and So Will You.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but making a mistake somewhere at some point on your creative biz journey is inevitable.  However, there is one thing I can say that has helped me to breeze over my mistakes and keep going without losing my mind.  I am honest with my customers.  Transparency in your business is a good thing since customers flock to Etsy for the personal experience, so embrace it.  Most Etsy customers know that they are ordering from real people, with real families, and real lives.  Let them see you for everything you are.  You are creative, you are driven, you are organized, you are focused, however you are not perfect and MOST people get that.

Be upfront with people about what materials you are using, what your turnaround times are, and if you make mistakes.  Yep.  Tell them.  There will come a time when you mess up.  It may be in the beginning or it may be down the road, but it will happen and then it will happen again.  

We are not perfect and that is ok.

I’ve made mistakes before.  For example, one time I neglected to send someone their proof for their stamp within my promised 2 business day window.  I had marked that I sent them their proof on their order, but in the routine of it all I forgot to actually send them the message.  Unfortunately, I didn’t discover it until a week later.  #$@&!!  Believe me there was a lot of profanity streaming out of my mouth.  I was so mad at myself for neglecting a key step in my process.

So what did I do?  I email the customer and told them what happened.  I said, “I’m so sorry, but I have just discovered that I have neglected your proof!  Please accept my sincere apology.  Your proof is attached and I will upgrade your shipping to Priority Mail free of charge.”  I was so worried about it and the customer was so understanding.  She told me not too worry and that she appreciated the upgraded shipping.  SUCCESS!!  It is always better to be honest than to make up an excuse like Etsy sent you the order late (which doesn’t happen) or your package is on the way (when it’s not).  Always, always, always be honest with your customers.  They will appreciate it and in the rare case they don’t just let it roll off your back because just like we are not perfect, our customers are not perfect either.

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Talk Soon!